Custom Electrical Enclosures

Custom Enclosures, Cabinets and Racks

Electrical enclosures, cabinets and data racks are designed and manufactured to suit project specifications and unique needs. No matter how small, large or complex, we work with customers to meet project requirements.

Custom Electrical Cabinets for Major Projects

We work with a wide range customers world wide to provide custom electrical enclosures to meet project requirements. We can design and manufacture to meet existing specifications and drawings or can assist to develop these in conjunction with customers, consultants, end users and contractors.

Modifications to Standard Electrical Enclosures

Do you buy electrical enclosures and then modify them by drilling, cutting holes or adding accessories? Save time, money and risk by ordering custom enclosures with holes pre-drilled and cut. We provide an economical alternative for customers who require modified ‘custom’ enclosures.

Certified IP Rated Custom Electrical Enclosures

We are a specialist electrical enclosure brand that specialises in electrical enclosures. You can be confident that your custom enclosure conforms to IEC62208 and IEC/EN/AS60529. We provide custom enclosures up to IP66, Nema 4, Nema 4x including IP55, IP56, IP65 and IP66 rated enclosures.

Custom Enclosure Options

IP Enclosures provides custom enclosures, cabinets and racks fitted with a complete range of accessories and fittings including:

  • Non-standard shapes and sizes
  • Holes and cut-outs
  • Sloping roof rain hoods fitted
  • Sun shields
  • Inner doors fitted
  • Viewing windows
  • Plan pockets
  • Shelves
  • Custom paint or powder-coat colour including anti-graffiti coating
  • Locking systems fitted
  • LED Lighting fitted
  • Ventilation fitted
  • Cable glands fitted
  • Custom mounting brackets (wall brackets, pole mount brackets, stands)
Custom Electrical Enclosure
Custom Telecommunications Cabinet

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