Vent Hoods

Vent Hoods

Vent hoods and vented electrical enclosures are available. Electrical enclosures with pre-fitted ventilation systems are also available as standard products.

Features and Benefits

The purpose of ventilation and temperature control is to maintain a set internal temperature by adjusting control parameters in accordance with variations in ambient temperature. Electrical enclosure ventilation and temperature control generally consists of cooling and heating via vents, fans, heaters, thermostats and integral sun shields. Generally, the temperature range of the electrical enclosure must maintain an internal temperature below the operating temperature range of internal components.

IP Enclosures provide vent hoods to increase protection of vents, vent filters and internal components. The top of vent hoods are inclined to prevent settling and building up of liquids, corrosive solids, minerals, dust, dirt and debris on top of the vent hood. All IP Enclosures electrical enclosure vent hoods are manufactured with nutserts for ease of installation and gaskets to prevent crevice corrosion.

Materials and Fabrication of Vent Hoods

Cutting, pressing and full continuous seam welding using precision automated manufacturing equipment ensures accuracy and consistent high quality.

Steel vent hoods are fabricated using 1.2mm galvanised steel sheet. UL approved epoxy polyester powder-coated with a textured RAL7035 finish to 80-120 micron average thickness. Coloured rain hoods are available if required.

Stainless Steel vent hoods are fabricated using 1.5mm Grade 316/316L Stainless Steel.

Available Sizes

A range of sizes of steel and stainless steel  rain hoods are available. Part numbers and availability are shown below. All sizes are held in stock.

Vent Hoods – Powder-Coated Steel

Powdercoated galvanised steel vent hoods are designed to be fitted to IP Enclosures electrical enclosures. Vent Hoods are supplied with gaskets and fasteners.

Surface Treatment: UL approved epoxy polyester powder-coated with a textured finish. 80-120 micron average thickness. Colour RAL7035 (Other colours available upon request)


Electrical Enclosure Vent Hood
Part NumberDescription
SKUH x W x D
IP-PSVH3020300 x 200 x 50 Powder-Coated Vent Hood
IP-PSVH4030400 x 300 x 50 Powder-Coated Vent Hood
IP-PSVH4737475 x 375 x 75 Powder-Coated Vent Hood

Vent Hoods – Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Grade 316 Stainless Steel vent hoods are designed to be fitted to IP Enclosures electrical enclosures. Vent Hoods are supplied with gaskets and fasteners.

Material: 1.5mm Grade 316/316L Stainless Steel

Surface Finish: 0.4 micron Ra surface brushed finish


Electrical Enclosure Vent Hood - Stainless Steel
Part NumberDescription
SKUH x W x D
IP-SSVH3020300 x 200 x 50 Stainless Steel Vent Hood
IP-SSVH4030400 x 300 x 50 Stainless Steel Vent Hood
IP-SSVH4737475 x 375 x 75 Stainless Steel Vent Hood