IP Enclosures is a high-quality brand of electrical enclosures. We provide wall-mounted electrical enclosures and floor-standing electrical cabinets up to IP66 for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. The full range can be provided in powder-coated galvanised steel, aluminium or grade 316 stainless steel. Our enclosures conform to IEC62208 and IEC/EN/AS60529 with protection up to IP66. Electrical enclosure accessories including rain hoods, inner doors, sun shields, locking, mounting brackets and inspection viewing window kits are available to suit all sizes. Thermal management products including ventilation fans and filters, heaters and controllers can be provided separately or as an assembly. A range of IP66 19” data racks and fan trays are available to house sensitive data network equipment in harsh environments. Fire pump controller enclosures are available and we also provide custom electrical enclosures to suit specific project requirements.

IP66 Electrical Enclosure

Nema 4 IP66 Electrical Enclosures

Sizes from 12″x8″x6″ to 48″x32″x16″

IP55 Electrical Enclosure

Nema 4 IP55 Electrical Enclosures

Sizes from 40″x40″x12″ to 48″x48″x16″

IP66 Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure

Nema 4x IP66 316ss Electrical Enclosures

Sizes from 12″x8″x6″ to 48″x32″x16″

IP55 Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure

Nema 4x IP55 316ss Electrical Enclosures

Sizes from 40″x40″x12″ to 48″x48″x16″

Freestanding Electrical Cabinet


Sizes from 64″x16″x16″ to 80″x32″x32″

Stainless Steel Freestanding Electrical Cabinet

316ss Freestanding

Sizes from 64″x16″x16″ to 80″x32″x32″

IP66 Data Rack

IP66 19″ Data Rack

Sizes from 12RU to 42RU

IP66 Stainless Steel Data Rack

IP66 316ss 19″ Data Rack

Sizes from 12RU to 42RU

High Quality Electrical Enclosure Design and Manufacture

Electrical Cabinet Detail 1
Electrical Cabinet Detail 2
Electrical Cabinet Detail 3
Electrical Cabinet Detail 4

Our electrical enclosures are manufactured to the highest standards using world-class international manufacturing facilities. Our range of enclosures comply to IEC62208 and IEC/EN/AS60529 up to IP66 IK10, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4x certified by an independent accredited test laboratory. UL508A certification is also available. They are suitable for up to 1000 V AC at frequencies not exceeding 1000 Hz or 1500 V DC. Incorporating many advanced design features as standard inclusions, IP Enclosures has been chosen by many organisations as their standard enclosure system.

Protection in the Toughest Conditions

Explore Our Most Popular Accessories


Rain Hoods

Rain Hoods

Inner Doors

Inner Doors


Viewing Windows

Viewing Windows

Locking Options

Locking Options

Stainless Steel Push Button Enclosures

1 Hole Pushbutton Enclosure

IP-SSPB1 - 1 Hole

2 Hole Pushbutton Enclosure

IP-SSPB2 - 2 Hole

3 Hole Pushbutton Enclosure

IP-SSPB3 - 3 Hole

4 Hole Pushbutton Enclosure

IP-SSPB4 - 4 Hole

IP Enclosures IP-SSPB Range of grade 316/316L stainless steel pushbutton enclosures are suitable for extreme duty heavy industrial applications. They are available in 1 hole, 2 hole, 3 hole and 4 hole configurations.

Introducing Our Easy Maintenance Fan & Filter Range 

Filter Maintenance 2

Step 1. Open Grille

Filter Maintenance 4

Step 2. Remove Filter Mat

Filter Maintenance 3

Step 3. Insert New Filter Mat

Filter Maintenance 1

Step 4. Close Grille

IP Enclosures provide a wide range of ventilation products for electrical enclosures. The new range consists of a modern Italian grill design with minimal external projection and allows for easy filter maintenance due to a front-opening grill. 

Coloured Enclosures for a Variety of Applications

RAL9010 White
RAL7035 Grey (Standard)
T33 Smoke Blue
RAL2000 X15 Orange
RAL3001 R13 Red
RAL9005 Black

Enclosures are available in a range of standard colours to suit a variety of industries and applications including mining, industrial, fire, security, data and communications.